Reflections on 31 Plays in 31 Days 2016

Well, I have completed the challenge for the fifth year in a row! I sure do like looking at five years’ worth of complete lists of everything I wrote. I went into this wondering if maybe it wasn’t a good idea to do the challenge this year. I was finishing up a piece, the Hood... Continue Reading →


What I wrote in 2016

I like to look at the pieces I completed over the course of the year and see what work I did. It seems I accomplished more than I realized, at least in the screenplay department. Hood is the only wholly original full-length piece of significance, but it was also important of me to get a... Continue Reading →

What I wrote in 2015

Well, this list ended up a hell of a lot shorter than last year or the year before. My gut reaction is to stress about that, but if I'm being more reasonable, I directed two plays (technically three!) this past year, which took up a lot of the time I would otherwise have devoted to... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on 31 Plays in 31 Days 2015

I am proud to announce I have completed the 31P31D challenge for the fourth year in a row! I have to say, however, this year worked kind of… weirdly. I was in the home stretch of finishing the initial draft of Base Instruments when August started, and I thought I would use the challenge to... Continue Reading →

What I wrote in 2014

Here is the list of every writing piece I finished this year! I edited two full-length pieces, wrote and edited two new full-length pieces, wrote two new larps, and a ton of scenes to be used later! Go me! Full-length Plays - Vivat Regina, versions 3 and 4 - Puzzle House Blues, versions 1, 2,... Continue Reading →

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