Reflections on 31 Plays in 31 Days 2016

Well, I have completed the challenge for the fifth year in a row! I sure do like looking at five years’ worth of complete lists of everything I wrote. I went into this wondering if maybe it wasn’t a good idea to do the challenge this year. I was finishing up a piece, the Hood... Continue Reading →


31 Plays in 31 Days 2017, #31 – “True Gentleman”

I powered through and finished! EARLY too, the earliest I've ever finished the 31P31D challenge, but I had the time and I wanted to knock it out. This last one deals with an idea I'm surprised I've never noodled with before. One little character bit in the Hawking stories that I enjoy is the fact... Continue Reading →

31 Plays in 31 Days, #26 – “A Small Thing”

A very rough, very unmoored scene coming from imagining for the Adonis sequels. I am very interested in exploring this idea that Pavilla, one of the villain characters, represents the damage caused by entitlement and dehumanizing other people, through giving her an obsession with Aidan. I'm trying to figure out how to create interaction between... Continue Reading →

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