What I wrote in 2015

Well, this list ended up a hell of a lot shorter than last year or the year before. My gut reaction is to stress about that, but if I’m being more reasonable, I directed two plays (technically three!) this past year, which took up a lot of the time I would otherwise have devoted to writing. Also, production of my pieces is just as important as generating new pieces, if not more so, at this point. So I’m going to chill out about it.

Completed 2015

Full-length Plays
– Base Instruments, versions 1, 2, and 3

– Adonis, versions 6 and 7

– Woodplum House

– Smile and smile and be a villain: supporting the narrative function of villain roles in larp, version 1

– “Who Was Your Mother?”
– “Make It Good”
– “Bombshells”
– “Lead and I’ll Follow”
– “The Mirror”
– “Old Friends”
– “Gravestones”
– “Pinching”
– “Orestea Helen”
– “The Roof”
– “Perpetual Sophomore”
– “Rings”
– “Reunion”
– “Gifted”
– “He Inspires Them”
– “Britannica Gloriana”
– “Protect Him”
– “Turn It Off”
– “Parental Approval”
– “Black Eye”
– “Don’t Panic”
– “Not Anymore”
– “What Choice”
– “How You Hated Him”
– “New Girl”
– “Skin a Cat”
– “Like a Language I Did Not Speak”
– “Brockton Returns”

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  1. […] bad for a year that also included two production cycles of two full-length plays! Especially since the previous year at this time I was worried I was slowing […]


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