What I wrote in 2016

I like to look at the pieces I completed over the course of the year and see what work I did. It seems I accomplished more than I realized, at least in the screenplay department. Hood is the only wholly original full-length piece of significance, but it was also important of me to get a good version of the Mrs. Hawking screenplay done as well. Not bad for a year that also included two production cycles of two full-length plays! Especially since the previous year at this time I was worried I was slowing down.

Completed 2016

– Mrs. Hawking pilot, versions 1, 2, 3, and 4
– Hood pilot, versions 1, 2, and 3
– Frasier spinoff pilot, version 1

Tabletop games
– Silver Lines

– Smile and smile and be a villain: supporting the narrative function of villain roles in larp, version 2
– No battle plan survives contact with the enemy: the tension between narrative structure and player autonomy in larp, version 1

– Pub Crawl

– “A Separate Battlefield”
– “The Part of Me I Kept for You”
– “Carrying”
– “Nothing in Common”
– “As My Guest”
– “Bloody Great Fool”
– “The One You Should Fear”
– “About Me”
– “From a Bloody Nightmare”
– “Reginald Managed It”
– “Wedding Toast”
– “A Small Thing”
– “Loyal Servant of the Empire”
– “After Two Years”
– “Alone”
– “True Gentleman”
– “Three Ships”

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