My Written Works

Interested in reading my work? Excerpts from the current drafts of all my major projects will be on this site available to enjoy.

My training is in drama, and most of my work takes the form of pieces for performance. I write primarily for the stage, the screen, and the roleplay game, all of which have a performative element to them. I have divided them up here, depending on your interest.

Many of these are available to read in full, or for licensing or production. Please contact me for details on acquiring permission.

Full-Length Plays

  • Intended for production onstage, of approximately one and a half to two hours in length.


  • Intended to be filmed for cinematic presentation.

Short Plays

  • Theatrical pieces in the short form, from ten minutes to one hour in length.

Roleplaying Games

  • Interactive fiction written to be played, in the larp and tabletop forms.

Additional Media

  • Other written works, unusual in form or content.
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